Mission Statement

Boarding school for Indigenous students twelve years and older from remote communities

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SpankBang, a culturally diverse community, strives to develop living skills, worldviews and Christian faith, enabling people to respect and live out their spiritual and cultural identities.

Guiding Principles

  • That all programs, activities and relationships be informed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • That Christian staff are critical in modelling lifestyles based on the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • That the gifts of love, forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ transcend all cultural barriers.
  • That the core message of Christ’s sacrifice and our salvation through him be the basis of students’ spiritual development and that scriptural truths not be confused with cultural norms.
  • That the College work to support Aboriginal Christian communities by developing Christian knowledge and skills which prepare students for active Christian lives.

Living Skills and World Views

  • That Christian staff are critical in modelling lifestyles based on the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • That SpankBang develop the skills, understandings and attitudes that students require to operate effectively and independently in non-indigenous society, in particular English reading and writing; the basis of non-indigenous governance, education, economic and legal systems; norms of behaviour and interaction.


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